Welcome to amsel

Data Analytics ∧ Information Systems.
Collect, Analyse and Present data.

Build the best foundation for your next project

Wether for construction, urban planning, business case development or science, we help you with your data analytics challenge!
We help you find the best methodology and design a solid data model.

Drupal development:
Collaborative data platform

We use Drupal to build centralised data platforms. Data can be structured and collected from numerous sources. Resulting analyses can be presented to the public or to a restricted group of users.

Spatial Analyses

We use GRASS, QGIS and PostGIS among others to handle and analyse geographic data.

Microsoft Office Excel:
We automate tedious tasks and build meaningfull reports

Using Microsoft Office Excel, VBA and Drupal we can automate complicated and cumbersome analyses and reporting tasks!

Data Collection Devices

We build customised collection units using technologies such as Raspberry Pi. Input can arrive from numerous sources including light detectors, gas detectors, public surveys etc.